Herb Garden

We had a massive goal this year to set up a huge garden, add more fruit trees and create a sizable herb garden. Well… only one of those actually happened.

We've already started a second, lower tier to expand next year.

There are a couple of huge glacial boulders just off the side of the garage. I thought it would be nice to make them a focal point and build the herb garden around them. I wish I had thought to take pictures when the beds were in full bloom, but, alas, this is at the very end of the season. I've already cleaned out a lot of the flowers and dead bits.

We scavenged large rocks from all over the property - no easy feat when you’re using only a wheelbarrow. The end result turned out really nice! I’m pleased with it.

Quite a few different types of herbs overwinter well here, even though winter is so cold. We had great success with oregano, thyme, chamomile, pineapple sage, lemon balm, regular and garlic chives, wormwood and lavender. Have to wait and see how the lemon verbena does over winter. Our two stevia plants are in pots and will be inside until spring. it’s just now time to plant our garlic for next years harvest.

I didn’t harvest too much this season. I want to give the plants a chance to get established. We did get some sage and stevia though.

What did we learn? Cosmos plants get REALLY big. It is, in fact, possible to kill mint - who knew? Oregano will get three feet long if you let it. Pineapple sage will win out over the other two types if you plant them too close. Chipmunks LOVE to dig holes in soft dirt. We've embraced our chipmunk friends. It was that or go crazy. An herb garden is not the place for morning glories.

Next year I hope to add walking onions, lovage and some rhubarb in. Because who doesn’t love a garden that comes back every year with minimal effort?

Happy homesteading!

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