Lonngg Winter's Nap

I've taken a long winter's nap here at Bath Thyme Soap. I learned a lot in 2021, most importantly, you can only take on so much before you wear yourself out. In addition to my full time job, I did about 30 shows and markets. I make all of my products and labels in house. So you can imagine how many days were spent making enough product for in person sales, online sales and for wholesale accounts. I'm extremely appreciative of all of my customers. But I learned that I do need to take some time for myself.

So how am I going to do better going forward? First, I'm limiting how many scents that I carry. I've narrowed it down to my six most popular for now, plus two special scents for each season. In addition to limiting scents, I've settled on local raw milk and local raw honey for the soap type. They are my most popular. But if you really love vegan, I do still have a large amount available, so message me for current inventory. I'll re-evaluate these as time goes on. So what made the cut?

*Pink Grapefruit Pumice

*Blackberry Magnolia

*Lemon Verbena

*Raspberry Vanilla

*Watermelon Lime - pictured on right

*Apricot Lavender

For summer I also have

*Pink Coconut Beach


Second, I'm making larger batches now. Instead of 10 bars to a batch I make 30-60 of the same thing at one time.

Third, I've rebranded all of my packaging. A big undertaking, but now everything is much more cohesive and will not require a redesign for each new scent. Also, I no longer shrink wrap my soap. This may change as we go into our humid months, but for now, I like the look and the fact that It's paper instead of plastic. Bath bombs will still be in the biodegradable film. Soap is in vellum that I design and print in house.

Lastly, I'm working on being more organized with my finished inventory. (This is a massive work in progress).

There is a new product that I'm offering now. I've been making and testing for several months, and have come up with a winner! I am pleased to add whipped sugar scrubs to the

line up. These are made with a base that is from scratch and made in house, and scents will match the soap scents. The sugar used is organic cane sugar. Two sizes are available, a 1 oz travel size and 4 oz full size. There is a potential for a larger jar in the future. So now I'll carry soap, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms.

What else have I been up to? As some of you know, hubby and I are in the process of turning our property into a homestead or small working farm. Our house was vacant

for 3 years before we purchased it, and there is/was a ridiculous amount of brush that grew up. We've cleared much of that away, mostly by hand. We're working on a large new garden area. We measured it out and put in the t-posts for fencing yesterday. It's 25x50, 1250 sq ft.

This will be the largest project of 2022, and hopefully, with lots of preserving, will generate most of our produce for the year.

We added more plants to our existing fruit garden area. So by next year we should be producing all of our own blueberries, strawberries, red and black raspberries and apples. With luck we'll eventually turn this area into a mini orchard with about 15 mixed variety fruit trees.

What are our future plans? Well, for the farm, eventually we hope to offer a few CSA shares and sell at a local farmers market, but that is at least a few years off. While we build up to offering sales, we'll need to get all the legal stuff done. The garden space will need to double or triple. Chickens are in our future, and hopefully honey bees as well. But even if all we do is provide these things for our family, I'll consider it a win.

With Bath Thyme, future plans include increasing online and wholesale sales. So if you or someone you know is interested in wholesale, send them my way please!

The only products I'm thinking about adding anytime soon are candles and possibly wax melts. I'm stepping away from in person events for this year. Those will be much more feasible if I can have soap be my day job. I'm also going to get much better about social media and my little blog here. Either could be farm or soap related, but I'm going to aim for a post and blog every week, and if I miss one here and there, I won't beat myself up.

I hope everyone had a great winter and early spring, and I look forward to sharing our journey with you!

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