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*We are not doctors or scientists and make no claims other than our soap will clean you. We absolutely encourage everyone to do their own research and find what works for you. A google search will give quick results on almost anything. But if you are sensitive or have allergies, you already know how careful your body needs you to be ;).*

For the most part, we use a tried and true recipe for our soaps. Sometimes we venture away from it with special oils or milks, beers or other additives, but for the most part, the basic recipe stays the same. We believe we've created a winner. It lathers well, with small to medium creamy bubbles. It's not drying. It lasts a long time when cared for properly. It holds scent well on most fragrances, and it's easy to work with, allowing the time needed to create the intricate swirls you see on some of the bars.

There are some things you can do and things that will affect your soap.

* Help them last longer. Keep out of the direct stream of water and allow to dry fully between uses. Doing this one thing can dramatically increase the longevity of your soap.

* Water hardness. We have extremely hard (high mineral content) well water. If you live in a city with treated water, you could have extremely soft water. The water you use can make a big difference in how your bar performs. It's harder to lather soap in hard water. My hope is that since we formulate a recipe that performs well in hard water, that it will be extra bubbly for anyone who has soft water.

* Storage. Storing your soap in a cool, dark place will help it keep it's scent and color longer. The sun can really bleach it out, especially with natural colorants like leaf powders and spices. ~Try putting it in the bottom of a clothes drawer for a subtle scent on your clothes or under your car seat. Just don't forget it's there!

* USE it! :). I know it's pretty, but we'll make more. Promise. Natural soaps should be used within a year. They can last for decades. But we use a super fat in our soaps, as do most soap makers (more on that in another post). Essentially it's free floating oils left in the bar that haven't been converted into soap. They're left for two reasons.

  1. Safety. Bar Soap is made with lye (sodium hydroxide). You cannot make soap without it. So in order to ensure that all of the lye has been converted to soap, we put a little extra oil.

  2. The extra free floating oils act as a moisturizer, but not so much that you'll feel anything less than clean.

* Specialty needs. Should you have a specific need, desire or allergy, let us know! We can suggest a product, or even make a custom order to your specifications. Soap does take 30 days or more to cure (pure castile takes 6-12 months!), so please keep this in mind if you'd like soap for shower or wedding favors, or for a specific event or holiday

. Messaging us on Facebook will have the fastest response.

Our next post will be all about our ingredients. Have a great week everyone!

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